Heywood Parish Council meets on the second Monday of every month in Heywood and Hawkeridge Village Hall, Heywood at 7:00 pm.

This is a public meeting and everyone - public, press and any other interested party - is welcome.

There is an open forum at the beginning of the meeting when electors (the public) can raise any matters of concern during a period of fifteen minutes.   

After this the council will work through the agenda, deliberating on each point, reaching decisions and casting their votes.

The council is in recess in August and December – however extraordinary meetings may be held at 4 working days' notice should an urgent matter arise.


Public forum

Members of the public have no automatic right to speak but the Agenda allows the public to participate at the beginning of a meeting about items on the agenda.

The Chairman decides who will speak, in which order and for how long. Please let the Clerk know before the meeting if you would like to speak.

If the Chairman considers that a member of the public present may have information which would help the Council to make an informed decision on a specific item on the Agenda, the Chairman may – with the permission of the meeting – invite that member of the public to contribute.

Date of next meetings to be held at Heywood and Hawkeridge Village Hall

PARISH MEETING                         7:00 pm Thursday 23rd April 2020

(please be seated by 6.55 pm)


DATES 2019/2020


Thursday23 April 2020
Monday11 May 202019.00
Monday8 June 2020
Monday13 July 202019.00
13 September 202019.00
Monday11 October 202019.00